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CFC Singles for Christ (SFC) is one of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC). The ministry was established in April 1993 to cater to the needs of single men and women from 21 to 40 years of age.

“Single” refers to anyone within the said age group who is free from any legal impediments to marriage. The pastoral care offered by the ministry, is not limited to those who are called for marriage, but includes as well those who may be considering either single blessedness or religious vocation as a state of life. It initially aimed to provide a Christian support environment for single men and women.  However, SFC has taken a more pro-active stance in providing that environment by ensuring that it brings Christ to wherever the singles are – in the corporate setting, in campuses, in government institutions, even in prison and in developing communities. SFC also intends to be relevant in the various realities of a single person in the aspects of Leadership, Lifestyle, Livelihood, and Lovelife. There are 65,000 members of Singles For Christ all over the world covering the different regions namely Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Ocenia.
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Ministry Goals



Every single man and woman all over the world experiencing Christ.

Singles for Christ is the next generation of Couples for Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to journey and witness with single men and women in their discovery and pursuit of vocations and the fullness of the mission towards building a Christ-centered society.


Building the Church of the Home. Building the Church of the Poor.


SFC special events are also great avenues for a single person to expand his/her perspective of the greater work of SFC.

1. SFC International Conference (ICON)
Every February, members from all over the world gather together for a 3-day conference full of various activities such as talks, workshops, creative competitions and volunteerism.

2. Regional Conferences (RECON) for Metro Manila, Philippine Missions, and International Missions Every 2nd half of the year, from July to October, members from Metro Manila, Philippine Regions, and Foreign Countries gather in a per area grouping for a 3-day conference full of various activities such as talks, workshops and competitions.

3. SFC Missions A yearly event that provides opportunities for SFC members to join and serve in mission trips to do evangelization and work with the poor activities. Mission trips are available both locally and internationally.

4. SFC Global Leader’s Summit Held every two years, SFC leaders from all over the world meet for a 3-day conference which serves as a venue to share best practices, workshops and fellowship. It is also an opportunity for SFC members from different countries to reconnect with one another.

5. Singolympics A annual sportsfest for the members of the ministry to promote a healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship and camaraderie through athletic activities.

6. Clubpraise An opportunity for singles to gather and grow in fellowship in a good, clean and fun environment. This also provides a venue for single men and women to mingle and establish greater friendship with one another.


SFC is united in expressing its ideals through its various Advocacies.

ONE LIFE – value for life and family

ONE EARTH – care and protection of the environment

ONE HOPE – service and work with the poor

ONE NATION – love for country and fellowmen

In line with the Ministry’s Philosophy and Covenant, SFC promotes the value of life, the environment, and nation building through various activities and programs.


Church Integration Office (CIO)

SFC CIO aims to establish strong clergy relations to help bring families and communities back to Christ, help make Christ relevant to the lives of the families, to be active in the community life of the parish and to create opportunities to live out their faith.


A convergence program of CFC and its Family Ministries in cooperation with Ateneo Center for Educational Development, with the main objective of helping grades 2 and 3 students in the public schools read and understand English. SFC members take on the lead in teaching the students and provide Values Formation activities as well.

Corporate Evangelization

Aims to bring Christ to the working Single through various creative programs for both the company and its employees.

Family Evangelization

Aims to make the family members of every SFC know and experience Christ and in turn leads to Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.
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