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CFC Singles for Christ (SFC) is one of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC). The ministry was established in April 1993 to cater to the needs of single men and women from 21 to 40 years of age.

“Single” refers to anyone within the said age group who is free from any legal impediments to marriage. The pastoral care offered by the ministry, is not limited to those who are called for marriage, but includes as well those who may be considering either single blessedness or religious vocation as a state of life. It initially aimed to provide a Christian support environment for single men and women.  However, SFC has taken a more pro-active stance in providing that environment by ensuring that it brings Christ to wherever the singles are – in the corporate setting, in campuses, in government institutions, even in prison and in developing communities. SFC also intends to be relevant in the various realities of a single person in the aspects of Leadership, Lifestyle, Livelihood, and Lovelife. There are 65,000 members of Singles For Christ all over the world covering the different regions namely Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Ocenia.
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Campus Based Dream

We dream of a society very different from what it is today. People believe that this is impossible and yet we continue to pray hard and reach for this dream. We dream of a day when husbands will be faithful to their wives and children. Fathers will protect instead of abuse their children. Doctors will preserve life, instead of abort it. Governments will serve its people, instead of exploit it. There will be less crime because businessmen will not push their employees into the kind of poverty that breeds crime.

We believe this dream that started in the YFC Campus Based Program can be realized, through our work in the campuses. We firmly hold on to the hope that if we instill Christian virtue in the hearts and minds of the educators (that we might have more than teachers but mentors). Not only to Christianize the values of the future lawyers, doctors, businessmen, professionals, and government leaders today, while they are still students in the campuses, where their values are being formed. But also the values of the educators so they can serve as true light and guide to these future professionals. By doing this, we believe the vision can turn into reality.
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