Reflections of the Community (ROC), Q2 2020: ONECFCUSA

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Why are we ONECFCUSA? At the start of the year 2020, we looked
ahead on a very promising year as we envision Couples for Christ
USA to be more active and fruitful in its evangelization and mission
work for God. The yearning and the deep desire to be one, to operate
and function as one community gave the inspiration to call for unity
under God. With the structures and infrastructures put together, the
establishment of the new home office and the National Information
Technology Team, as a community, we are geared to take flight to
new heights in our service for God. Inspired and guided by the Holy
Spirit, our vision is set clear to take a path guided by the acts of
humility and obedience that will bring us together as a community
embracing “ONENESS”. We often hear this motivation “United We
Stand, Divided We Fall”, a great quote to fire up our spirits, however,
it requires the virtues of “Humility and Obedience” from each one as
God calls us to be united with Him and become a united family.

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Couples for Christ USA (CFC USA)