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01/22/2021For the eternal repose of the soul of Chulia Azarcon. mother of Sis Doris Mata of CFC Charlotte, NC
01/18/2021Please pray for us now. Dr.Ngamkholal Haokip needs financial blessings to purchase Land for the construction of Prayer Hall and erection of the memorial stones for the dead in the family and community .He needs God’s wisdom to win unsaved souls and ability to help the poor people. He needs God’s protection against all evils. He needs healing of type 2 diabetes. He needs successful leadership qualities with mind reading method. Joseph Haokip needs Transformation from addictions; he needs Healing of his body (especially his painful urination and mental problem), and he needs good job, faithful friends, good life partner, and blessing over his studies and successful leadership qualities. He wants to get back his lost mobile phone .He wants to have God’s love to love his mother Ruth Haokip. Pray that God would control Joseph Haokip and change his life now to avoid problems in the family and community. Ruth needs healing over her Barrenness and hard lump on her body. She needs blessing over her tailoring works, and needs God’s grace to love her son Joseph Haokip. Pineng needs God’s grace over her work and job search .She needs God’s love to love all members of the family. Above all, they need God’s protection and removal of all curses; hatred, jealousy, mental sicknesses, disunity, laziness and short temper .May God turn all sorrows into joy. They want to become successful in all good things to become the winners against Satan and his disciples. They need the Holy Spirit Overflowing. Please pray that God would bless every member in family with God‘s wisdom and the Holy Spirit so that they would live, move and work according to God’s will.
01/08/2021Eternal repose of the soul of : 1) Oscar Lucero, brother of Sis Venus Tinio 2) Tranquilino Santamaria, father of Sis Anayansi Bent
01/03/2021I’m working through healing and deliverance with this model, so could you please pray for inner healing for me and my immediate family, mum, dad and brother X thanks
12/29/2020Our daughter is struggling with health issues and place to stay at Utah. Worried about her being g there so alone and not feeling well. God heal and deliver her please. No one is able to help her but you,Oh Lord.
12/04/2020New prayers please After many years of prayer requests to God and Jesus Christ, we had some positive effects. The daughter nastia, got a degree in theatre, But Oksana ìs still invalid and can’t work. Nastia the orphan has endometriosis and would like to get married with a good young Christian man. Also ioulia the orthodox Christian grand mother is poor ,although she has faith. May Jesus Christ help them and heal Oksana a widow in Kiev. And God bless them . Thanks God to also bless my family and show me the good way.
11/24/2020I just ask for safety, protection, guidance, and blessings for my friend and her family. She got news that her brother is missing and her and her family are going through it: worried, anxious, lost. A special prayer for her brother to be safe and found and guided to safety. I lift this prayer up to all the saints and angels, especially St. Raphael for guidance and healing. Thank you so much!! Amen.
11/15/2020PRAY FOR DR.NGAMKHOLAL HAOKIP 1. Financial Overflowing for Land purchase and Prayer Hall construction. 2. Removal of all curses, hatred, misunderstanding, Jealousy in the family. 3. Ability and wisdom to solve all problems wisely and to control family members. 4. Successful Leadership qualities to lead all people by doing good things. 5. Ability to read the minds of people for good reason and Holy Spirit overflowing. 6. Protection from all illegal activities against our properties. 7. Turning all sorrows into Joy and fulfillments PRAY FOR JOSEPH HAOKIP 1. Transformation and healing of mental problem of Joseph Haokip. 2. Ability to get good Job, good Life Partner and good friends. 3. Ability to love her mother Ruth Haokip and take care of Lhingminhoi. 4. Immediate Recovery of the lost mobile phone. 5. Successful in completing BA study under IGNOU. PRAY FOR RUTH HAOKIP AND LNINGMINHOI 1. Healing of Ruth Haokip and blessing of her tailoring works with good customers. 2. Decision to love Joseph Haokip and all members in the family. 3. Good memory power to Lhingminhoi Haokip.
11/02/2020For eternal repose of the soul of Archie Bustamante, May he rest in Peace.
10/30/2020new prayer PLEASE still i ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work) and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian friends and be luckier. also ,ioulia the christian grand-mother poor. as for me that God shows me what to do to succeed in my life and bless my family thanks a lot
10/09/2020Pray that God would remove all the curses permanently from all members of my family by turning the curses into unlimited flow of the Holy Spirit, Healing, and Transformation, gifts of the Holy Spirit and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Pray that God would touch and speak to Joseph Haokip to transform him to hear God’s voice for repentance and to be freed from addiction. Pray that God would bless the team to locate the lost Mobile very soon. Pray that God would touch all members of my family and give them the best direction to lead a peaceful live. Above all, Pray that God would grant unlimited financial overflowing to come upon me so that we would be able to accomplish great things for God‘s Kingdom in India .At this point we need to accomplish land purchase and construction of churches which is very urgent because we do not have a place to worship God .
10/05/2020Pastor please pray for us now. 1. Pray that God would remove all evil actions that disturbed my mind ,heart and soul so that I would receive the overflowing of the Holy Spirit to receive God’s blessings like Wisdom, Healing ,Protection , Peace ,Grace and ability to love all people .Above all pray that God would open the door of unlimited financial blessings to do all good things ,to purchase a piece of land for the Church and establishing the good construction .Pray that God would make me successful in all areas of my life and work with solid establishment. 2. Pray that God would transform and control Joseph Haokip that he would be able to obey God’s voice .Pray that God would bless him so that the team in charge would do the needful to locate his stolen mobile phone soon. Pray that God would bless him with self-control, healing of mind and lead him to the right path always and make him away from all problems, anger and dirty habits. Pray that God would lead him to love his Mom, Ruth Haokip and his mom also would love him more and more.
09/06/2020For inner peace, patience, and unity within my family with God and for God, with our Mother Mary.
09/05/2020For inner peace, reconcillation, and full conversion of my husband to the Catholic faith. And to the Love of God.
08/07/2020Please pray for the healing of my father, Antonio Pring, who has some health issues with his prostate.

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