ROH 54: Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of all Nations

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ROH MAY 2020 | 2020 CFCUSA Pastoral Formation Materials

Blessed Mother Mary, Mother Of All Nations

May 2020

Dear CFC USA Family,

Blessings! In our Catholic faith and teachings, the month of May is traditionally regarded as the month of Mother Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ. During this month, we are called to increase our devotion to our Heavenly Father through her intercession. Mother Mary plays a special role in the life of Jesus Christ, as she is the only human being born without original sin in order to serve as the pure and physical tabernacle of Jesus. This month of May, we ask Mother Mary for an increase in grace and prayerfulness to strengthen our relationship with God, as she serves as a holy bridge between us and our Lord.

Similarly, Pope Francis wrote a letter in which he encourages us to continuously pray the Rosary during the month of May with our families as we continue to face the crisis and challenges. This May, we are called to honor our Mother Mary for her gracefulness, willingness, and purity.

As we dedicate this month of May to our Blessed Mother Mary who never fails us, who is ever-present to us, who only modeled virtue for us, whose prayers for us protect us, we can honor her by reading stories about her life as we immerse ourselves to her. In understanding our dear Mother`s life, we will notice her virtue, her courage and her love for God and her Son. When we share what we notice with others, we honor her by imparting her wisdom as we take the tools we usually use to connect with the people we love and use to connect them to Mother Mary and to her Son.

Our dear Mother was brave to cooperate so fully with God and her trust in God is so deep that she followed what God wanted her to do. She magnified the Lord and she pointed people toward Him to

rejoice in God. She acknowledged the great things God did for her and persistently sought her Son out, even when she could not see Him. We can totally honor her by following her in consistently creating opportunities for her to do what she’s always wanted to do, lead us closer to her Son.

May our Blessed Mother shower us with her love and continually intercede for all of us and our loved ones. God bless!

In Christ,

Chodie Cayanan

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