ROH 55: The Role of St. John the Baptist in our Faith

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ROH JUNE 2020 | CFCUSA Pastoral Formation Materials

The Role of St John the Baptist in Our Faith

June 2020

Dear CFC USA Family,

Greetings of peace to all! After the powerful and life changing experience we have encountered through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (ISE), let us continue to remain focused and faithful to seek God in our daily living as we continue to dedicate each day to him through our holy hour and devotion. Let us look intently on a person whose identity was shaped in secret and revealed in public. His life message was convicting instead of conforming as he laid down his life so his generation could encounter Jesus. We can learn from John the Baptist! A man who is holy and courageous as he never let anything get in his way and kept his heart set to God.

What are the powerful truths from the life of John the Baptist that offer hope for us today in setting our eyes and heart to God?

Saint John the Baptist was known as a “Wild One.” But it wasn’t his appearance that made him wild; it was his internal defiance against a worldly system of complacency, apathy, and luke-warmness. He is one of the most inspiring prophets before and even during Jesus’ time and throughout our Christian history, previous prophets referenced Saint John’s coming and the impact in every ones faith. When he finally came into the world, his purpose was to speak of the coming of Jesus Christ and prepare the hearts of those who would be willing to follow Him. He willingly lived a humble life for Christ, and he continued to spread Jesus` good word wherever he went. Today, we remember Saint John the Baptist for his resilience, wisdom, and love for our Lord and Savior.

This month, together we can look deeply in the life and mission of John the Baptist who lived for one purpose alone, “to point others to Jesus Christ”. To God be the Glory!

In Christ,

Chodie Cayanan

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