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Raffy Estrera

My wife Carlina & I were dedicated in May 1997.  We’ve been married for 43 years.  We have served in different capacities from Household Leader to Regional Leader to 2 different regions(SC-B & NW-A). We were then assigned as MAC to Alaska & served for 1 year after which, I served as member of NorCal AGT & later PFO for SW A.

We are both retired Clinical Laboratory Scientists by profession and met in College.
God blessed us with 2 wonderful sons. The younger one is still single but the older one is married & has a son, Mateo, our first grandchild.

Our walk in faith started when we first got introduced to the Charismatic Renewal in 1981 by my late mother in law, a very prayerful woman, God bless her soul.  Our faith and relationship with God and with each other made even stronger when we joined CFC.

One of my go to reminder is a line from a book. “Our goal is not to find God, but to find ourselves in God.”

And a counter question to our Lord when he asked the Apostles, “ Who do you say I am”?

“Lord, who do you say I am”?.

Thank you!

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Take care. God Loves you!

Couples for Christ USA (CFC USA)