ROH 52: Crown of Thorns

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Crown of Thorns Conquers Coronavirus

March 2, 2020
Dear CFC USA Family:

Blessed Lenten greetings!

The CFC USA National Council, with guidance from Bro. Dave Guirao, MD—CFC USA Regional Head and Internal Medicine Doctor at Internal Medicine Associates of Greenville, SC and in coordination with Bro. Chodie Cayanan, CFC USA Pastoral Formation Office
is releasing ROH52: Crown of Thorns Conquers Coronavirus, which is both a health advisory as well as our pastoral formation materials for March 2020.

It is important that all CFC USA members read and discuss in their respective household meetings the challenges of the Coronavirus as well as our CFC USA Action Plan to guide us not only in our physical but also in our spiritual well-being in light of this ongoing threat of the virus.

In addition to our teaching of the month, COVID-19 Challenges and CFC USA Action Plan, we also include God speaks Through Circumstances in our Lives which is Sis. Marivie Dalman’s personal reflections on this global occurrence of the Coronavirus.

Let us all create awareness, practice prudence and vigilance and take the necessary precautions to heart. More importantly, as we are in the season of Lent, let us use the powerful weapons of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in bringing us closer to Christ and in being Christ to others especially to those who may be fearful or ill.

In addition to praying daily the Prayer of the Month: Oration Imparata, I also implore members of CFC USA and all its ministries to be UNITED, CONSISTENT and FERVENT in prayer and commitment to our Pray HARDER and Holy Hour 24/7 initiatives.

H Holy Hour (daily)

A Adoration (daily)

R Reconciliation (monthly, or immediately if with mortal sin)

D  Divine mercy (daily)

E  Eucharist (daily)

R Rosary (daily, preferably with family)

Please sign up online in Holy Hour 247 (CFC USA website) and be faithful to the time slot that you committed.

As His Crown of thorns conquers the dreadful Coronavirus, may
we unite ourselves to the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ in our faithful observance of and commitment to our Lenten practices and sacrifices.

May the Lord bless and have mercy on us all!

In Christ through Mary,

Bro. Toffee Jeturian

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Take care. God Loves you!

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