ROH 51: Holy Family

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ROH 2.20 | 2020 CFCUSA Pastoral Formation Materials

The Holy Family, Model of Holiness Families Fortified and Faithful

Dear CFC USA Family:

To start the year 2020, let us get our inspiration from the Holy Family and embrace this year`s theme “CALLED TO HOLINESS.” It
is important to look intently at this Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to learn from them how every family grows in holiness.
It is no accident that Jesus was born into such a human family, a holy family that itself was the first Christian family who dwelt in the first Christian home. The Holy Family serves as a model for every family, in fact, every person. And if someone were to ask why? The concrete answer is; God calls all people without exception to the life of holiness. Jesus Christ himself invites everyone to live as he did and to imitate his example of giving his human will entirely over to the will of God the Father. In doing so came at great cost to Jesus Christ. His obedience and humility excluded nothing, not even the pain and suffering he endured that brought us SALVATION.

As we continue our journey in serving God through others, may we find joy in spreading the gospel in our evangelization and mission efforts guided by the Holy Family leading us to our path of holiness.

Let us totally open our hearts to our calling, knowing that we are God`s children and we truly belong to his heavenly family. May your daily encounter with Jesus be filled with joy knowing that he
is always and ever present in your life. Stay in his presence! Pray HARDER and devote yourself to HOLY HOUR FOR LIFE. BE A SAINT! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

In Christ,

Chodie Cayanan

National Council Pastoral Formation (PFO)

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