Parejas Pra Cristo Central America Update August 2019

August 2019


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ANCOP Nicaragua Project

The purpose of the chicken coop is to establish and run a poultry project initially with a vision to duplicate the model and diversify it later in other farms to improve living standards to poor families in Nicaragua. 

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, second only to Haiti. Most of the poverty in Nicaragua exists rurally (more than 80 percent,) ...In fact, 43 percent of the Nicaraguan population lives in rural areas and 68% of them are trying to survive off just over $1 per day. Overall, 46.2% of the population lives below the poverty line, Kliesner.

Our vision
is to be a model-farm with a sustainable project that can be duplicated in other communities in need to give more opportunities to poor people.

Our mission
is to effectively and efficiently provide a solution to poverty for other farmers.

Our objective
is to give access to a more diverse diet to poor people with a self sustainable project.

This poultry project will alleviate the malnutricion of 10 local families within one year and more than 60+ people during the coffee season. They will have access to a better nutritious meal every day. 



ANCOP Mexico Project

July 2019 Fr Jeffrey blessing of the ANCOP Medical Clinic in Salto De Agua Chiapas Mexico. To help the community on basic health care needs.

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Parejas Para Cristo es un movimiento destinado a la renovación y fortalecimiento de la vida familiar cristiana. Los miembros se han comprometido con el Señor y entre sí para que puedan crecer en madurez como hombres y mujeres de Dios y cumplir su vocación principal de criar familias bajo el señorío de Jesucristo y para el servicio del Reino de Dios. Parejas para Cristo es una obra de Cristo que eleva a las parejas cristianas y establece familias cristianas comprometidas con la obra de evangelización, ganando el mundo para Cristo y la liberación humana total a través del poder del Espíritu Santo.  



  1. Sept 21-22 : Medical and Evangelization Mission Tijuana Mexico
  2. October 2019 Belize Pastoral Visit
  3. Nov 12 Meeting with Papal Nuncio of Cuba.




  1. February 6-9,2020 Medical and Evangelization Mission Honduras.
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  1. March 30- April 5, 2020 Medical & Evangelization Mission Chiapas / Oaxaca Mexico
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