Welcome to the New CFC USA Country Coordinator

Dear Brethren,

Greetings of Joy and Peace in the name of Jesus! 

Today marks another historic day in the life of CFCUSA, for we have been blessed with a new Country Coordinator in the person of Bro. Lito Tayag. Please join me in welcoming Bro. Lito together with his wife Sis.Linda into the CFCUSA family and assure them with our love, support, and prayers.

lBro. Lito and Sis. Linda tied the knot on October 21, 1976 and is blessed with three children: Nina, Mito, and Jenni. They have been with CFC for 30 years, having attended their Christian Life Program way back in October 1984. Bro. Lito’s list of service positions held in Couples for Christ is a long one, considering the length of time they have served in the community. He has served as a member of the CFC International Council twice and was the Country Coordinator of CFC Australia. In 2013 he was elected as part of the 15 member, Board of Elders.

He is a retired Certified Public Accountant and was a partner at the Price Waterhouse Company. He was only 19 when he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of the East. He took the accountancy board at age 20 and was in 14th place. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Let us also extend our prayers and appreciation to our outgoing Country Coordinator Bro. George and Sis. Cynthia Campos for all that they have done for CFCUSA. In the short time they served CFCUSA, they have brought so much guidance and inspiration to all the people they met. Bro. George will now be able to focus on his role as CFC’s Executive Director. Let us keep them in our prayers as well.

To God be the glory!

Eric Villanueva
National Director, Couples for Christ USA
President, ANCOPUSA 
(818) 631-5620