Message from the CFC Chairman on the Papal Visit 2015

Dear CFC brethren,
The awaited visit of our beloved Pope Francis is upon us. We are grateful to the Lord for the distinct privilege to serve in many ways and practically in all the events of this pastoral visit. We are not serving in the front lines, not in the limelight, but mostly behind the scenes, not in comfort, but with sacrifice. This is just as well, for this is the essence of service.

On behalf of the CFC International Council, we thank especially all the volunteers, some 22,000 CFC brethren, who have freely given of themselves to serve the Lord through serving in this historic visit of the Vicar of Christ. May the days that follow further deepen our faith, and strengthen our commitment to continue to renew ourselves and our families, to evangelize, and build the Church of the Home and the Poor.

Let us continue to pray for the protection and guidance of Pope Francis and all of us. To God be the Glory!
In Christ,