Couples for Christ Theme for 2020: CALLED TO HOLINESS

Called to Holiness

After much prayer, the CFC International Council, through the CFC Chairman Bong Arjonillo, is pleased to announce the theme for 2020: CALLED TO HOLINESS. The new theme is anchored on the verse 1 Peter 1:15, which says, "Be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is holy." (Good News Translation) Arjonillo enjoins the community to "... continue to strive to fan the flame of our passion to proclaim the faith, our love for God, and for one another, in our service to those in need." He added, "We believe that being holy is a requisite to fulfill this mission. The call to be holy is not for a privileged few, but a vocation that we all should embrace… We are called to accompany each other, and most especially our family in this lifelong journey. We are called to be holy as our Lord Jesus is holy." Praise God! #HolinessToday