Ding De Guzman (wife: Joy)

Finance and Gift of Life

My name is Ding de Guzman, married to Joy. We will celebrate 31 years of married life this coming June 4, 2014. I was introduced to Joy by my friend who was her audit manager at Sycip, Gorres, Velayo & Co. in 1982. I have a CPA practice in Milpitas and she helps me in our work professionally and in my role in the community. We have been in Couples for Christ for 21 years. Dedicated in March of 1993 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church located in Milpitas, CA. Milpitas is located in Northern California commonly known as the Bay Area. This year I started to serve as a member of the National Council. I was assigned the directorate of Finance and Gift of Life. A year ago, I served as a Sector Head of CFC NorCal and before that I served as ANCOP Regional Director for SWA.

We have three children. Our eldest, Iris, 30, married to Dr. Jeff Tinloy who she met at UOP, School of Dentistry. Looking forward and hoping to have a grandchild soon. Our second child is Christian, 24, also an alumni of UOP, School of Dentistry and our youngest, Patrick, 18, is graduating from high school this May. He intends to attend Santa Clara University as a college freshman and likely to major in Finance/Economics or Accounting.
We belong to the parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Morgan Hill, CA .

Joy serves in our Parish as Eucharistic Minister. The good Lord has blessed us tremendously especially the past few years. Our three children are healthy, loving and achievers in their own field. With the many material blessings God has been providing, we cannot help but share it with our siblings and others who experience difficulties. The more we serve Him, the more He blesses us, how can we stop serving Him?