national council

Jojo & Chay Reandelar

Compliance Officer,
Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) and
Catholic Church Relations Office (CCRO)

Chay and I joined CFC in the Philippines in 1995, just 2 years after our marriage. We have been with the Community for more than 22 years and it has just been a shower of blessings to us and the family ever since. Not a single moment did we regret joining the Community. How could we have such a feeling when the Community is GOD-sent to us. It has enriched our marriage, drawn us much closer to GOD, inspired us to share HIS love and blessings with others both in and out of the Community, helped us bring our children in the knowledge and love of GOD, gave our children an avenue to serve HIM through the different CFC family ministries, allowed us the grace to share our faith with relatives, friends and even strangers, made us feel the love and support of our fellow members in the Community, and made us more participative and generous members of the Catholic Church. We can never thank GOD enough for the blessing of the Community to us and our family. We are truly grateful.

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Couples for Christ USA (CFC USA)