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Chodie and Janeth Cayanan

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           Let God decide what path is best for you! I am Chodie Cayanan and I reside in Northern California. I am married to my college sweetheart Janeth Asuncion-Cayanan and we are happily married for twenty eight years. Janeth and I were blessed to have a daughter and son. Kayla Angeline and Kyle Louis are incoming seniors in college and high school respectively. We have been residing in the Silicon Valley for thirty years now.

           Family time and communication is very important to us. Service at church is an integral part of our family life as we serve in different parts of the liturgy. Outside church and community service, we love to watch family movies together, go for nature walks, play board games, travel for vacation, and playing the instruments as we sing as a family. These are some of our simple ways to keep our family together. We make sure that our time together is well spent.

          I grew up in a family of six children and I was the only son. At a young age, I was introduced and grew up serving in the church. As a young boy, Jesus was my best friend. I enjoyed holding the cross in processions, thinking that I was marching with the Lord. I spent time talking to Jesus in front of the altar and I was happy just telling him my stories, without hearing His voice, thinking that He will answer me later. During my younger years, I always spent my weekends serving at church and it was very exciting for me. These beautiful memories from my childhood service have influenced me greatly in my service today.

          Apart from the service that I do for the church and the community, singing has been a part of my whole life. I enjoy singing with my family particularly with my daughter with our guitars while our son plays the drums. At times, we sing using the karaoke for fun and enjoyment. I love to sing for my wife especially on road trips, this is also one way to keep me awake as I take charge of the wheel. We also sing songs as a family at times to make our road trips more fun and exciting. Honestly, it makes our trip faster. Other interests of mine include playing basketball and working on cars with my son, reading electronically, and cooking with my family.

          Janeth and I have been in the CFC community for seventeen wonderful years now. Going back to our Christian life Program, we were the only candidate in a home CLP in August of 2003. This is now the DC153 of our OP4OL here in the United States. It is a beautiful experience for us as a couple and as a family. I remember our daughter was only five years old and our son was newly born when we were dedicated to be a part of the Couples for Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi unit where Janeth and I are actively serving. Our children basically grew up in the community while we served. We always tag them along in our CFC or church events. This experience has been very instrumental in the life of our Christian family.

          I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me to serve in CFC and now as a member of the USA National Council in both Pastoral Formation Office and National Information Technology Team. Both of which I am given an opportunity to grow in humility and obedience that helps me to my path to holiness.

          I consider the Pastoral Formation as the heart of our community that leads to our personal, family, and community transformation to a deeper Christian life. At the same time, communication is vital and is a top priority of the National Information Technology Team (NITT) to support the needs of our community in our evangelization and mission efforts. It is very important that we establish and develop the structures and infrastructures that are needed to achieve our goals and to help us grow.

          Both directorates are key components in leading everyone closer to God as we are called to holiness as an individual, as a family, and as a community. Ultimately, with God`s provision, I hope to help build a stronger and united community that will bring Christ to every corner of the world. I had the opportunity to serve in different roles in my journey in CFC and the latest was a member of the Area Governance Team of the Diocese of San Jose in Northern California handling Mission Support and Finance before I moved to the USA National Council in 2020.

          What I like about our community is our household prayer meetings. There is no other place to look when we talk about small faith community groups, than CFC. If there is one thing that I am grateful to the Lord for, it is the opportunity to make our home an extension of the church and a temple of His kingdom. Through our household meetings, when we praise God with our songs, pray to thank Him and to lift up our needs, to hear His messages through our teachings, we are being transformed to grow to become a better follower of God and at the same time, empowered to lead and serve others with love. This is what I want to share with all my loved ones as I believe that evangelization begins at home. Because our mission is to evangelize others, we must bring and embrace our family members to a deeper relationship with God and share our spiritual home where they can find hope, meaning and belonging to our Christian family.

          How can I contribute through my service to the CFC family? Though there is a huge task ahead, as I serve in the Pastoral Formation, I have the utmost desire to help build a stronger family by strengthening the core value of an individual and family by developing life changing experiences through our formation teachings. In the process, my prayer is to have an active and energized faith filled community continually calling all members to embrace our formation, participate in ongoing formation to deepen their knowledge, and grow as disciples in relationship with Jesus Christ.

          Hand in hand with the Information Technology, as we develop our means of communication, my hope is to foster world-leading technological innovation to support teaching, learning and formation of our members. At the same time, enhance the access in our formation programs, usability, security and utilization of data resources to advance our service in love and to proclaim the good news of God through our mission to the world.

         I personally take my inspiration from John 3:16; For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. I am forever grateful that through His salvation, life is beautiful to live in the spirit of God`s love that I share with my loved ones. As a family, we look up to the Holy Family to base our family life to be holy like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We believe that our family belongs to God and same is true with all other families. There is no other response to God, but, Joshua 24:15; But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

          My Patron Saint is Saint John Paul II. I am fortunate and blessed that I have seen him in my lifetime. I have beautiful memories of him as a little boy when my family attended the mass that he celebrated. Aside from the celebration, what made it so special for me was that I had to sit on my father`s shoulders to have a closer look at him as he passed by going to his vehicle and departed from the celebration.

          Saint John Paul II is influential to me because he possessed the qualities of being forgiving, a communicator, and loving. For me, forgiveness is a true sign of humility that leads an individual and families closer to each other and to God above all. He, being a very good communicator, is an example of how we can unite everyone to God. Finally, his love for God even in his near-death experience is a true example of faith as no barrier will stop him from bringing everyone and their homes closer to God onwards to heaven.

          What experience of God`s love made an impact in my spiritual life? I do believe in miracles. My mother`s life threatening experience due to cancer. The challenges of losing her when she was only given months to live and the victory from that experience, made my faith to God stronger each day. It has been thirty years since my mother has fully recovered and no longer has signs of cancer. I am forever grateful to God for His undying love and protection. Currently, my mother enjoys time with all her grandchildren, from the oldest to the youngest, and making sure that she is always present in important events in their lives. This life changing experience has brought us together as a family and importantly, to God. Truly, God is loving and faithful and when life seems hopeless, God reveals Himself.

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