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Ronnie & Roselyn Calungcaguin

Family Ministries

                  Family is a gift! I am Ronnie Abesamis Calungcaguin and I have been married to my lovely wife Roselyn for almost 27 years. We have been blessed with three sons and a daughter. Aside from our whole family involvement and service to CFC, our Lord has put us in an extraordinary service due to the pandemic. Roselyn and I together with our three sons in the medical field are working as front liners. Our sons are working as ICU nurses taking care of COVID patients in Florida. Roselyn is working as a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner and I am a dialysis technician taking care of dialysis patients and assisting in treatments on patients with kidney failures. 

                  Our daily encounter with patients made us realize to value life and family more. We are grateful to God for his protection and love for us knowing how short life is, as we see people who suffer due to illness daily. Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of our jobs, but, when you save the lives of other people, it gives us the joy you only feel when you serve just like what we do in the CFC community.   

                  After the graduation of our eldest son, he told me that he only took nursing out of obedience to me and my wife. I was totally surprised by what he said, however, after two weeks of working as a nurse; he experienced reviving a patient that completely changed his perspective because he was able to save a life. Is it at that time when he fully embraced being a nurse and He is now happy and grateful of his profession as a full pledged nurse. 

                  Going back to my college days, I was an athlete and a scholar playing for the varsity basketball team in one of the universities in the Philippines. I also had the opportunity to play in the Philippine Amateur Basketball League (PABL). Now that I am a father,  little did I know that at the present,  I will be able to use  my skills and talent  to bond with my three sons and to connect with the CFC Youth as I serve in the ministry. Being an athlete requires qualities that are important. First, humility to accept corrections, obedience to what is being asked of you as a role, physical health to endure the challenges and spiritual health for the spirit not to breakdown. All these qualities are a must in building a healthy family and service at the same time.

                  We’ve been in the community for 26 years. Our family is fully involved in all the ministries. The community has helped us to grow together and closer to our Lord. In our service, we have met families that were instrumental in our transformation as a family. As we continue to serve, we hope to build more wonderful memories of service with our brethren.

                  Our marriage became more meaningful and we became closer to God when we started serving in Couples for Christ from the start of our marriage.  With the grace of God, we had the opportunity to serve in various capacities.  We first started in the music ministry, and then, became household leaders, unit leaders and chapter heads while serving in the Philippines. However, God had bigger plans for us when we migrated to Miami, Florida in 2008. We never thought that we would have the opportunity to serve here in the US. To start our service, I was given the opportunity to serve in CFC youth as an Area Coordinator that lasted for six years. My service became deeper as I served as an Area Head for three years. I became the Regional Head for the Southeast B Region that includes the states for Florida, Georgia and Alabama right after. 

                  Currently, I am so humbled to be given the opportunity to serve in the National Council as Family Ministry Overseer. When, where and what the calling is, God reminds us to remember the same thing He told Moses. He will be with us and He will equip us. As He commanded Joshua, “Be strong and courageous, do not fear, nor be dismayed, for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9. 

                  Our goal is to ensure oneness of the Family Ministries with the life and mission of Couples for Christ. The Family Ministries have been blessed by the Lord to add significantly to the mission of Couples for Christ. But while we continue our journey in doing the mission, we also need to address some challenges that we face along the way, particularly, in clarifying and strengthening the different roles and responsibilities that are very important for the movers to do the work for God through the Family Ministries. With this, we aim to establish basic principles and specific working dynamics that will help us in our work in the Family Ministries. 

                  Here is my favorite quote and inspiration from Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta,”Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness. “We, as a family, humbly obey and will respond to God’s call. God often stretches us beyond what we think is possible. He calls us to tasks that seem greater than our own capabilities. “God doesn’t call the qualifies, He qualifies the called.”

                  What is your best experience of God that gives you inspiration? I strongly believe in the power of prayers. I consider myself through my transformation and I am living testimony of God`s healing power. He is my healer and my deliverer.

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