Eric Villanueva (Wife: Pat)

Eric Villanueva (Wife: Pat)

National Director, CFC-USA & President, ANCOP USA

I am Eric Villanueva. I worked for the City of Los Angeles as a Legislative Analyst. I am blessed to have a Sweetypie (my wife Pat) who is my prayer warrior. She actively supports me in my service for the Lord through the community. We joined Couples for Christ (CFC) in December 1996 at St. Elisabeth of Hungary in Van Nuys, California. We are blessed with two sons, Patrick and Jerrick who are both actively serving in CFC-Youth. We belong to the St. Peter Claver Parish in Simi Valley, California. I served as the National Director of CFCUSA and President of ANCOP USA.

Since we were called into this community early on in our marriage, CFC has been instrumental in forming our own spiritually as well as our relationship as a couple. The adjustment period in our marriage came relatively easy and the Lord has always been at the center of our relationship. Our children who started in CFC-Kids were formed to have a personal relationship with the Lord early on in life. It warms our heart when we see them lead worship, serve in youth camps and offer personal sacrifices as they serve. They currently serve CFC-Youth in California as Cluster Head (Patrick) and Household Head (Jerrick).

CFC gave our family an avenue where we can concretize our appreciation to God for His great love and mercy for us by serving others in return. We are honored to have been given an opportunity to share His love and evangelize in different places. Anywhere He sends us (from Alaska to Africa) we always feel His loving presence through the people we meet and serve. Our work for the poor through ANCOP opened our eyes and our hearts for the need to put our faith into action.

Rod Bustos (wife: Canyl)

Rod Bustos (wife: Canyl)

National Council Member, Mission and Evangelization

I was introduced to the CFC community when I was courting my wife, Canyl Villaroman-Bustos, in the late 80’s. Canyl’s parents joined CFC in the Philippines in 1985 and are one of the first original unit heads. Canyl, along with her siblings and other CFC children, were assembled into what was known in 1986 as CFC Young Adults (YA). Canyl was the female leader of the YA. She and her parents were also members of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon, the mother community that gave birth to CFC. There were yet no CFC family ministries then, and Canyl invited me to the Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (Lingkod), which, like CFC at that time, was under the umbrella of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon. Canyl and I attended the CFC CLP as a couple almost as soon as we got married in January 1992.

I am very blessed that the Lord powerfully transformed me through CFC. I was so much of the world before CFC. In fact, even in my early years in the community, I was, in a manner of speaking, Lingkod/CFC simply by affinity. But the Lord’s love for me is so great that He slowly showed me the beauty of this gift that is CFC. Slowly, the households, teachings, and assemblies, the love shown me by my Lingkod/CFC leaders, and the patient prayers of my wife pulled me into the awaiting arms of the Lord.

Canyl and I became CFC household leaders barely about 6 months after we completed CLP. The Lord went on to have us serve as Chapter coordinators for YFC for many years, then for SFC for a few more. We were Cluster SFC coordinators in Makati, Philippines and simultaneously serving in the legal aid arm of the CFC socio-political ministry known as St. Thomas Moore Associates (STMA) and as YFC Coordinator for a campus-based group in Manila when the Lord had us migrate to the U.S. Little did we know that a huge part of His plan for our move to the U.S. included serving Him through CFC with even bigger responsibilities. With 2 small children in tow, and barely adjusting to our new life in the U.S., a major reorganization called for me to serve as part of the CFC Governance Team in and eventually as CFC Area Head of Maryland/Virginia, and for Canyl to serve as HOLD Maryland Coordinator. Canyl served in the national core group of the HOLD from 2004 to 2013, serving as the USA National HOLD Coordinator in the last 4 of those years. In 2007 while serving as CFC Regional Head of Northeast B, I was called to serve in the CFC National Council and I have since served in such capacity. Canyl and I are simply in awe at the Lord for giving us the strength and ability to do CFC service while continuing to hold our secular jobs.

We are extremely grateful to the Lord for not only the privilege He has given Canyl and myself to serve Him through CFC, but also for calling our 2 sons to serve in His name. We are blessed that our sons had KFC and CFC-Y that allowed them to grow in and serve the Lord. Rafael, now 21, has just recently transitioned to SFC and still serving CFC-Y as the Area Head in Maryland. Carlo, now 18, is CFC-Y Household Head. Rafael is in his 3rd year of college, majoring in Physics; Carlo will be college freshman in the Fall, and will also be taking up Physics as his pre-med course.

It is utterly priceless that Lord is blessing us with a wonderful family, and we can only respond in service in whatever capacity He wills. We are just so thankful that even as we so humbly respond with the little we can give back to Him, the Lord even makes it a joyful and enriching journey for us as He gives us elders and co-workers in the big CFC family who give us encouragement, inspiration, support, and love. Praise be to God!

Ding De Guzman (wife: Joy)

Ding De Guzman (wife: Joy)

National Council Member, Finance and Gift of Life

My name is Ding de Guzman, married to Joy. We will celebrate 31 years of married life this coming June 4, 2014. I was introduced to Joy by my friend who was her audit manager at Sycip, Gorres, Velayo & Co. in 1982. I have a CPA practice in Milpitas and she helps me in our work professionally and in my role in the community. We have been in Couples for Christ for 21 years. Dedicated in March of 1993 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church located in Milpitas, CA. Milpitas is located in Northern California commonly known as the Bay Area. This year I started to serve as a member of the National Council. I was assigned the directorate of Finance and Gift of Life. A year ago, I served as a Sector Head of CFC NorCal and before that I served as ANCOP Regional Director for SWA.

We have three children. Our eldest, Iris, 30, married to Dr. Jeff Tinloy who she met at UOP, School of Dentistry. Looking forward and hoping to have a grandchild soon. Our second child is Christian, 24, also an alumni of UOP, School of Dentistry and our youngest, Patrick, 18, is graduating from high school this May. He intends to attend Santa Clara University as a college freshman and likely to major in Finance/Economics or Accounting.
We belong to the parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Morgan Hill, CA .

Joy serves in our Parish as Eucharistic Minister. The good Lord has blessed us tremendously especially the past few years. Our three children are healthy, loving and achievers in their own field. With the many material blessings God has been providing, we cannot help but share it with our siblings and others who experience difficulties. The more we serve Him, the more He blesses us, how can we stop serving Him?

Tat Reyes (wife: Ellen)

Tat Reyes (wife: Ellen)

National Council Member, National Events Coordinator, Mission Worker Overseer, ABLAZE Overseer

We were introduced to CLP back in Batangas, Philippines and that was the start of a truly remarkable and enjoyable life serving God through this community. With God’s grace, Ellen and I together with our children Tonka and Tikes, received Christ in our hearts and started a life of trust, confidence and gratitude for everything he had done.

Thanking God for good leaders and mentors, we learned and felt the power of prayer, dedication and commitment. We were loved and taken care of beyond our expectations. The joy, satisfaction and fulfillment that we felt in our hearts inspired us to continue serving Him.

God called us here in the US in 1999. We first came to New Jersey then God brought us to Georgia and now we live here in Texas. We are very happy to be parishioners of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church here in Longview, TX.

Serving God taught us humility, holiness and complete dependence on Him. We realized that the Lord has greater plans for us, prepared and equipped us to be His instruments. Being part of this community is a precious gift. We take every service a challenge but when the Lord calls, He also provides. We continue to pray that the Lord may guide, inspire, protect, strengthen and empower us. In union with Mary, we pray to do everything through her, with her and in her.
Glory to our great God!

Roger Santos (wife: Josie)

Roger Santos (wife: Josie)

National Council Member, ANCOP Executive Director

Toffee Jeturian (wife: Malou)

Toffee Jeturian (wife: Malou)

National Council Member, Pastoral Formation Office

I am Toffee Jeturian, an Auditor by profession who lives by the saying, “In God I trust, everyone else I audit.” My lovely bride of 22 years, Malou is a Dentist who believes in the adage, “Be TRUE to your teeth or they will be FALSE to you.” But before we are an Auditor and Dentist, we are first and foremost, a couple for Christ. We have been blessed with two daughters, Michelle (20) and Isabella (15) who started at Kids for Christ and now serve at CFC-Y, with Michelle serving as a Chapter Head.

Couples for Christ (CFC) is indeed a beautiful gift from God to our family. It just took us 7 long years before deciding to open this precious gift. My parents, Jet & Myrna Jeturian have been active CFC servant leaders since the 1980’s (and continue to serve at 87 and 80 years of age) while my younger brother Nestle was very much involved with YFC, transitioned to SFC and is now CFC with spouse Trina. When we finally gave our FIAT to God in 1999 and arranged to have the very first CLP at Anaheim Hills in CA, our lives were forever changed. Through CFC, God has:
Opened our eyes, minds, hearts to His unconditional love and overflowing mercy and has given us the opportunity to spread His good news of salvation.

Given us the realization to place Him, first and foremost, front and center in our family life.

Granted us the opportunity to do something beautiful for Him through our service and support of the least of our brethren.

Enflamed our hearts to protect and defend the unborn.

Given us hearts to be involved in the life of our St. Martin de Porres Parish in Yorba Linda, CA where I serve as Lector and Cantor, Malou as a Eucharistic Minister, Michelle as a Hospitality Minster and Isabella as a Senior Altar Server.

Although we are still very much a work-in-progress, we are most grateful that He has blessed us (and many, many more couples) with CFC, as we now have a better chance to be families in the Holy Spirit (with the Blessed Mother’s intercession) renewing the face of the earth.

Jojo Reandelar (wife: Chay)

National Council Member, Family Ministries Directorate