ROH 42 – Be Strong and Courageous ….

ROH 42 – Be Strong and Courageous ….



This September, we focus on two important virtues embedded in our CFC 2017 theme focus – STRENGTH and COURAGE!!! Please Lord, help me get one more! This is the famous battlecry of Private Desmond Doss, a medic in the US Army’s 307th Infantry, 77th Division as he lifted another of his wounded comrades and carried 75 of them to safety amidst the shells that burst and bullets that flew through the Okinawa air on May 1, 1945 in the beautiful true to life movie of faith, strength and courage that is Hacksaw Ridge (Movie of the Month).

In the spiritual battle called LIFE in CFC USA, this should be our Evangelization battlecry: Please Lord, help me get one more! The venerable Fulton J Sheen once said: The best way to get to heaven is to bring someone with you, and another, and another, and another… This is the true spirit of Evangelization, and we are all blessed to be given the opportunity through our CFC USA family to be light of Christ to others in this world by volunteering in local and international missions, spreading God’s good news through our CLPs, Gateway programs, and of course by the witness of our lives.

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My prayer is that we be inspired by the examples of St Anthony Mary Claret (Saint of the Month) in this month’s teaching about the Missionary Zeal by Fr. Ed Broom of Hacksaw Ridge’s Private Desmond Doss (Why not have a Household movie night with the Holy Spirit…and popcorn). May the Great Commission truly be our Great Completion as we pray for God’s grace to enable us to get one more….

In Christ through Mary,
Bro. Toffee Jeturian

CFC Mission Trip: State of Wyoming and Montana

CFCUSA will be conducting a mission trip to Wyoming and Montana to open and establish our Couples for Christ community in those areas.

If you have friends, relatives or acquaintances that you want us to get in touch with, please give us a call.

All for the love of Christ.

Lito and Violy Crisolo




Willy and Miriam Zaragoza






New Servant Leaders for CFCUSA 2017

January 31, 2017

Dear Brethren:
It is with great delight and excitement that we announce our new CFC USA servant leaders for 2017 (effective the date of this letter):

Regional Heads:
North Central A: Joe Malinao
North Central B: Don Paras
Southeast A: Zaldi Zapanta

We honor and thank Bros. Alex Santos and Ex Funtera for faithfully serving as Regional Heads of their respective regions. Their dedicated efforts and invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated.

Area Heads:
CFC Minnesota: Boyet Mangaliman
CFC South Carolina: Dave Guirao
CFC Oregon: Heiko Junge
CFC South Texas: Boy Guinto (Interim)
CFC South Virginia: Vic Sibal
CFC Louisiana: Rodel Santiago

We honor and thank Bros. Joe Malinao, Nanding Carandang, Giovi Paras, Mel Gayao and Noel de Castro for faithfully serving as Area Heads of their respective areas. Their dedicated efforts and invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated.

Ablaze Board:
Nanding Carandang
Jacx Bernardo
Ado Magat
Joe Malinao
Alvin Martinez
Eric Villanueva
Gretchen Picazo

We honor and thank Bros. Tat Reyes and Vincent Cabrera for faithfully serving as Ablaze Board members. Their dedicated efforts and invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated.

Family Ministries National Core Group:

Bert Araneta (Coordinator)
Joebert Chong
James De Leon
Bobbee Mella
Butch Santos
Mark Wright

Marissa Kagahastian (Coordinator)
Canyl Bustos
Vangie Cheng
Mila Gayao
Manie, Sawabi
Lydia Sumner
Malie Tanseco

Chito Barrios (Coordinator)
Duane Absuelo
Pao Banzon
Tina Leung
Dermot Wang
Nonong Zulueta

Jundy Lacuata (Coordinator)
Mon Del Carmen
Jonathan Lumamba
Lace Macapinlac
Ismael Rico
May Dela Cruz

Lyndee Reyes (Coordinator)
Nemie Celemen
Manny Manahan
Cham-Cham Quiblat
Gabby Reyes
Sandy Ricamata

We honor and thank Jose Mari Vitan, Marlon Cadag, Yvette Malicay, Manny Marcelino, Mel Gayao, Romy Dacayanan, Manny Po, Beth Laqui, Norma Acebo, Celia Sison, Chris Metzger, and Perry Rivera for faithfully serving in their respective Family Ministry NCGs. Their dedicated efforts and invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated.

Gift of Life National Core Group:
Shaun Guevarra
Alex Algarme
Gian Lizardo
Michelle Reyes
Cora Pura
Fred Eron

We honor and thank Sis Beth Santayana for serving faithfully serving in the GOL NCG. Her dedicated efforts and invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated.

Let us give our full support to our servant leaders as they give off themselves in service to help fulfill the mission and vision of CFC. Finally, let us all pray for the outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit upon them and for the intercession of our Blessed Mother.
God bless…and be a Saint!

In Christ through Mary,
Toffee Jeturian
National Director, CFC USA

New Servant Leaders for CFC USA 2017