The road is clear for missionaries, leaders and vineyard workers of God of Couples for Christ in Northern California after their roaring Evangelization Rally held at the St. Joseph Church gym in Vacaville, California last February 10, 2018.

Setting the tone for this year’s evangelization thrusts was CFC SouthWest A Regional Leader Brother Rod Bustos, supported by spouse Sister Canyl Villaroman Bustos, who outlined in clarion discourse how collective and personal roles as CFC evangelists can be pursued in rallying manner pursuant to this year’s CFC theme ‘Rekindle the Gift, Fulfill your Ministry.” Brother Bustos even cited statistics that identify CFC’s critical mass in orienting its evangelization activities in Northern California to win more fellowmen sadly veering away from the love of God and the Catholic Church.
The day-long event commenced with the community recital of the Holy Rosary Prayer followed with a Holy Mass at the St. Joseph Church.

At noon, the venue’s aura was made livelier with the traditional entrance of banners and delegations of the various CFC units and Family Ministries, each one joyfully marching into the center stage, donning color-identifiable attire of their areas of affiliation and presenting their mostly original dance performance and spiritual chants to an appreciative crowd of brethren. The revelry was capped by a series of creative welcome stage cum floor dance encore from host CFC Sacramento’s creative segment of the Evangelization Rally.


Then, the program shifted to serious tone with the opening worship of the event by CFC Brother JJ Francisco. CFC Hercules white-clad dancers followed with on-stage performance to introduce the main talk of Brother Rod Bustos. He was followed by CFC NorCal Leader Brother Ado Magat who delivered First Fruit Offering message to which the CFC community responded in lines by handing over their sealed envelope offering to the Area Governance Team spouses in front of the stage. Bro Ado Magat expressed appreciation for the intensive response of the CFC NorCal flock which shall substantially fund most of the evangelization projects of the Catholic spiritual community. Bro Ado Magat eventually thanked all who worked for the successful holding of the Evangelization Rally and delivered the marching orders for 2018.

CFC Brother Paul Naranja led a thunderous closing worship seemingly reaching the heights of heaven. (By CFC SOLD APC Brother Feddie A. Espiritu)

ROH 42 – Be Strong and Courageous ….

ROH 42 – Be Strong and Courageous ….



This September, we focus on two important virtues embedded in our CFC 2017 theme focus – STRENGTH and COURAGE!!! Please Lord, help me get one more! This is the famous battlecry of Private Desmond Doss, a medic in the US Army’s 307th Infantry, 77th Division as he lifted another of his wounded comrades and carried 75 of them to safety amidst the shells that burst and bullets that flew through the Okinawa air on May 1, 1945 in the beautiful true to life movie of faith, strength and courage that is Hacksaw Ridge (Movie of the Month).

In the spiritual battle called LIFE in CFC USA, this should be our Evangelization battlecry: Please Lord, help me get one more! The venerable Fulton J Sheen once said: The best way to get to heaven is to bring someone with you, and another, and another, and another… This is the true spirit of Evangelization, and we are all blessed to be given the opportunity through our CFC USA family to be light of Christ to others in this world by volunteering in local and international missions, spreading God’s good news through our CLPs, Gateway programs, and of course by the witness of our lives.

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My prayer is that we be inspired by the examples of St Anthony Mary Claret (Saint of the Month) in this month’s teaching about the Missionary Zeal by Fr. Ed Broom of Hacksaw Ridge’s Private Desmond Doss (Why not have a Household movie night with the Holy Spirit…and popcorn). May the Great Commission truly be our Great Completion as we pray for God’s grace to enable us to get one more….

In Christ through Mary,
Bro. Toffee Jeturian