It features Daily Scriptures based on Biblical text from the Daily Roman Missal and the New American Bible.
Also, found in its pages are the personal reflections, insights, and experiences of members and friends of the Couples for Christ community, as inspired by the scriptures for the day.
As a literary source, it aids the basic household units of the CFC Community, both in their daily personal as well as weekly household prayer times, providing the necessary spiritual fiber for growth in the Community.
“In His Steps” aims to faithfully guide its readers in developing a more meaningful relationship with God and, as a result, to foster a transforming devotion to the Catholic Church and love for others.
“In His Steps” is published annually and available as a set of four.
Proceeds from its sale go towards funding projects of ABLAZE and the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation in its mission of Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor.

“The person who thirsts for God eagerly studies and meditates on the inspired Word, knowing that there, he is certain to find the One for whom he thirsts.” St Bernard of Clairvaux

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