In the July 2016 teaching, “Hour of Power”, we were taught why the Holy Hour is important.  For this month’s teaching, we answer the question how with the teaching – “How to Make a Holy Hour”.

Let us then continue to Take the Holy Hour Challenge….as a Household!!!!!

September 2016 Theme/Topic of the Month:  Pray…Take the 4H Challenge Part 2 (ROH#34)

The 4H Challenge: Do your HH Activity of the month, then take a picture of your household doing or after your Holy Hour in front of the church or in a hh member’s residence and post in Facebook, Instagram or any social media with the caption 4H Challenge Accepted and/or email to to be included in next month’s ROH!

Scripture Passage of the Month: Jeremiah 29:13
“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”

Household Teaching of the Month: (Read ROH#34 letter first)
How to Make a Holy Hour
Sources: How to Make a Holy Hour, Our Sunday Visitor pamphlet
by Mark P Shea

How to Make a Holy Hour, Be Present to the One who is Present
by Fr. George W Kosicki, CSB

Household Activity of the Month:
Do a Holy Hour with your Household and take the 4H Challenge

Song of the Month: “Anima Christi”

Proud to be Catholic Section of the Month: The Society of Jesus

Saint of the Month:    St. Peter Faber

Prayer of the Month:     Prayer for Detachment (by St. Peter Faber)

 Media (Movie) of the Month: Ignacio de Loyola

Joke of the Month:  A Vision

 “Faith without Action is Dead” Application of the Month:
Perform a random act of kindness everyday for 7 days. Let God surprise you.

Download the file here ROH_September_2016_eHandout