December 1, 2014

Subject: 2014 CFCUSA Pastoral Formation Materials –
ADVENT: The FAST before the FEAST (ROH#16)

Dear CFC Family:

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”
Just look around you and you see Christmas lights and decorations adorning the shopping malls. You hear Christmas carols 24/7 from your favorite radio station. You feel the cool, crisp Winter weather. You savor the hamon and quezo de bola. What do these tell us? We have to PREPARE! Prepare for what? Well, prepare our Christmas gift lists (btw, my size shirt is Medium, size 8 shoes…J) and go through all the Christmas sales to complete the list? Prepare for the gift wrapping sessions we have to endure? Prepare to install the 1,275 Christmas decorations for our houses? Prepare for the 25 Christmas parties we have to attend? Prepare for the Noche Buena dinner? These are all fine and dandy and what make Christmas fun…and stressful.

What about our INTERNAL preparations for the anticipation of the birth of the Word made flesh, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Our December Pastoral Formation Materials- ADVENT: The FAST before the FEAST give us another list, an Advent LIST. This list is to PREPARE our minds, hearts, and souls this Advent season in anticipation of the celebration of Jesus’ birthday! I pray that this list will make our Christmas season more meaningful and fruitful. Always ponder on the word CHRISTMAS, and put MAS (more) of CHRIST in our lives.

Finally, let me be one of the very first to greet you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ a most Blessed Christmas and a 2015 filled with God’s love, peace and joy!

In Christ through Mary,
Bro. Toffee Jeturian