What benefits can a parish derive in having Couples for Christ?

There are a number of benefits :
1. Couples are renewed and strengthened in their Christian lives. Strong couples make strong families, which make strong parish.
2. A basic CFC objective is to be relevant to the life of the Church, specifically in the parish, CFC members are expected to support their parish priest and be available for parish services.
3. CFC can be effectively used in the strategic evangelization of parishioners who are potentially strong servants and workers for the parish.
4. CFC has proven to be an effective tool for fostering unity among mandated organizations and other parish groups, by redirecting leaders to focus on the Lord rather than on their service.
5. CFC can be a conduit for social action in the parish, one of our objectives being the economic and spiritual upliftment of our less fortunate brethren.
6. CFC can hasten the formation of a strong, vibrant Christian community.