gift of life
“I have come to give Life, life to its fullest.” – John 10:10
In response to the encyclical letter of Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life, CFC established the Gift of Life as a major ministry in order to raise consciousness among its members, as well as others, on the sacredness of life as a basic value rooted in the dignity of man.
CFC’s pro-life stance is enveloped in its life and culture through the promotion of natural family planning, fertility awareness and human sexuality, chastity education, advocacy and lobbying for pro-life legislation, among others.

Our Main Objectives

To defend and advance the “culture of life.” To protect the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and developed.

To preserve the family and its moral values. To educate CFC members and non-CFC members on various life issues
To conduct Natural Family Planning and have a 100% Contraceptive free community.
To promote Chastity among all members.
To participate in advocacies for life matters.
To support CFC in its work of evangelization, family renewal and total human liberation.
To collaborate and network with other organizations in the campaign for life.

Respect for Life Mass and Vigil
March for Life
Forty Days for Life
Chastity Education for Young Adults
Lobby for ProLife Legislation
Pastoral Formation on Theology of the Body
Teachings and Information updates sessions on different Life and Anti-Life Issues, e. g., abortion, contraception, euthanasia, same sex marriage, etc.
Natural Family Planning Seminars
Support and involvement in Archdiocesan, Parish, and Other Movements’ ProLife activities
Offer Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, Rosaries, Fasting, other Prayers for ProLife
CFC Wedding Milestones Celebrations

Some Anti-Life issues we aim to promote awareness on are:
Embryonic Stem Cell Research
In-Vitro Fertilization
Same-sex Marriage
Values Clarification
Abolition of Legal Parental Rights
Situational Ethics and Moral Relativism
Sexual Permissiveness

Prayer for Reverence For Life

“Almighty God, Giver of all that is good, we thank You for the precious gift of human life: for life in the womb, coming from Your creative power; for the life of children, making us glad with their freshness and promise; for the life of young people, hoping for a better world; for the life of people who are disabled, teaching us that every life has value; for the life of the elderly, witnessing to the ageless values of patience and wisdom. Like Blessed Mary, may we always say “YES” to your gift, may we defend it and promote it from conception to its natural end and bring us at last, O Father, to the fullness of eternal life in Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

Medical Bulletin #6

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a lot of challenges and restricted a lot of our CFC
community activities in CFC. Our brethren miss the face to face interactions and
fellowship during household meetings.

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