Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD)

Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) target mature women, regardless of status, or situation, from ages forty-one (41) and above. The ministry has a three-fold mission: personal transformation, evangelization to bring her family and others especially women to a renewed life in the Lord, and wholehearted service to bring glad tidings to the poor. It provides a strong teaching track, special teachings for women in different states of life, and a leadership program to equip leaders to be more effective and better servants. The mission express promotes the missionary spirit among leaders to realize its vision. 

It is a Christian renewal and support ministry for mature women, such as:

  • single mothers
  • widows
  • separated / divorced women
  • single mature women
  • married women whose husbands are working in another province/country are not willing nor able to participate in any religious affiliation
  • migrant workers
  • women in prison
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A. Evangelization and Mission Christian Life Programs (parish-based, corporate / institutional, for migrant workers, imprisoned women)

B. Pastoral Formation Basic formation, teachings and retreats

C. Conferences Annual HOLD International Conference (ICON)

D. Annual Marian Conference (Marian Con) A half-day conference as a follow-up of the ICON to present the theme for the year from the Marian perspective

E. HOLD Foreign Mission Summit A gathering of foreign HOLD leaders

F. Special Events

G. Cornerstone Values Formation on Environment for Parents

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