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April 2014 - Lent: The Most ACTION-packed Time of the Year Aka Operation Easter Blessings

Dear CFC Family:

From the most PONDER-full to the most ACTION-packed time of the year!
This for us is Lent, the CFC way! Our Mission: Operation Easter Blessings (more on this later)!

As we continue our Lenten journey with fervent prayer through quiet meditation, Scripture readings, the Holy Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration and daily Mass; as well as through acts of penance or fasting - of the eyes, tongue, palate and most importantly turning away from sin, now is the time to put into concrete action the fruit of these Lenten observances- ALMSGIVING.

This Lent, God is giving us the opportunity to do something beautiful for Him….through CFC, through ANCOP…by Building the Church of the Poor.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was able to accomplish her calling of serving the poor because she knew her identity. She stated: “By blood and origin, I am Albanian. My citizenship is Indian. I am a Catholic Nun. As to my calling, I belong to the whole world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”

She added, “Your vocation is not to work for the poor. Your vocation is to belong to Jesus. The work for the poor is only your love for Christ in action … That is the completion of your vocation, of your belonging to Christ.”

Why ANCOP? There are lots of “the Poor”, the poor of Haiti, the poor of Ethiopia, the poor supported by the various Catholic groups like Food for the Poor or Gawad Kalinga. But right now, God has gifted us with our beautiful community of CFC and He has given us our own poor to love, our own children to educate, our own homeless to provide shelter, our own sick to heal….God gave us ANCOP.

How have we (CFC USA) responded last year (2013) as a community of believers in giving life opportunity to the poor through education with our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)? God gave us a goal of 1,600 students in need. We responded with 543 students. That’s 34% of the goal. That’s less than 10% of our CFC USA members who availed of this wonderful opportunity to give back to God. God deserves much, much more from us.

What is our plan to achieve or even surpass our 2014 goal of 2,450 (from 1,600) CSP students and 200 Community Development Program (CDP) homes?
Operation Easter Blessings!

Let us all pray that each CFC couple, each Handmaid of the Lord, each Servant of the Lord and each Single for Christ adopt and sponsor (or pledge to adopt/sponsor) at least one child for the ANCOP Child Sponsorship program by the end of the Easter season culminating in the birthday of our Church – Pentecost Sunday (June 8, 2014)!

Let us all pray that each CFC-Y youth and KFC kid will share his/her allowance and savings so that each CFCY and KFC Chapter can adopt/sponsor at least one child each by the end of the Easter season culminating in the birthday of our Church – Pentecost Sunday (June 8, 2014)!
In addition, let us pray that each CFC, SFC, HOLD, SOLD, CFCY, KFC Chapter enthusiastically and prayerfully discern, plan and implement at least one major activity to raise awareness and funds for the ANCOP Community Development Program (CDP) by the end of 2014.

In addition, please have this as a theme of your assemblies, teachings and household meetings this month of April. Let us all create awareness and ensure that ALL our CFC brethren are given this wonderful opportunity to give back to God.

The key to the success of Operation Easter Blessings is instant obedience to God. Right after the assembly, teaching or household meeting, fill out that pledge form. Do NOT delay as by the time you leave the venue, the evil one will put doubts into your mind (Are you sure you can afford it?), the world will distract you (Think of your work deadline first) and the flesh will deceive you (What about the Benz you have been dreaming about?). It may hurt for some but God is asking- Do you TRUST me? I urge you brothers and sisters to TRUST GOD act on it NOW by clicking on or typing this website link: http://www.ancopusa.org/sponsor

By the end of the Easter season, we can all be a great blessing to thousands of poor children and hundreds of in-need families, and knowing how we can never outdo the generosity of God, I am positive that God will shower us with a deluge of blessings in this life and for all eternity! May Our Blessed Mother’s “Yes” be our “Yes!”

In Christ through Mary,
Bro. Toffee Jeturian
CFC National PFO Coordinator

Download this file (PFO_April2014_eHandout.pdf)PFO_April2014_eHandout.pdf[ ]605 kB

Household Topic: Behold and Ponder

February 21, 2014


Subject: Household Topic: Behold and Ponder (ROH#4)


Dear CFC USA Household Servant Leaders:


Have you pondered on these questions?

“What household meeting topic should I discuss this week?”

“Do my members find our household meeting discussions to be relevant and inspiring?”

Ponder no more as your questions have been answered!


HOUSEHOLD TOPICS is a collection of short teachings that will enable CFC Servant-leaders and their entire household to continue their faith walk throughout the year.  Together, let us Behold and Ponder, loving and serving the Lord as one CFC community!

The year’s theme, “Behold & Ponder”, invites us to continue our faith journey through meaningful reflection on Mary’s pondering heart, the life of her son, Jesus Christ, and our role in the greater mission.  This invitation compels us to journey as one community—one day after another. The booklet contains one topic per month for 12 months.


This booklet is made available to you by Ablaze USA at $4 each.


Order your copies now through your Ablaze Coordinator.


Yours in Christ,

Toffee Jeturian



March 2014: Lent: It’s the most “Ponder-full” time of the year!

Theme/Topic of the month:
Lent: It’s the most “Ponder-full” time of the year!

Scripture Passages of the month:
Genesis 3:19 For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.
Mark 1:15   Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

Teaching of the Month:
Lent to the Max: Prayer and Fasting/Penance (Parts 1 and 2 of a 3-part series)
(See attachment)

Discussion question of the month:
What prayer and fasting practices will I commit to make this Lenten season truly meaningful and fruitful?

Song of the month:

Ashes by Tom Conry   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dO5kBOGnYA
(Suggest you listen to and meditate on the song before going through the teaching; see attachment for song lyrics)

Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraphs of the month:
CCC 1434-1439: The Many Forms of Penance in Christian Life.  (See attachment)

Saint of the month:
St. Dominic Savio (See attachment)

Prayer of the month:
Lenten Prayer (See attachment)

Media (TV/CD/Book/Movie) of the month:
Son of God    http://www.sonofgodmovie.com/videos.html
Note: You may want to do a dinner and Son of God movie as a household fellowship activity in one of the 5 weekends of March.  (See attachment)

iPhone/Smartphone App of the month:
Laudate (This is a repeat from last month to make sure all CFC members upload this free Catholic app)

Application of the month:  “Faith without Action is Dead”

Do at least one of the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy:
1.    Feed the hungry.
2.    Give drink to the thirsty.
3.    Clothe the naked.
4.     Shelter the Homeless (classical term is “Harbor the harborless”)
5.    Visit the sick.
6.    Visit the imprisoned (classical term is "Ransom the captive")
7.    Bury the dead

A Letter from CFC USA PFO

Reflections of the Heart

A letter from your CFC USA PFO (PF#1)

February 17, 2014

Dear CFC USA family:

She pondered these things in her heart (Lk2:51)


Greetings of God’s peace, love and joy!

As your Pastoral Formation Officer responsible for developing the pastoral formation of the CFC USA membership, I offer to you “Reflections of the Heart”.  These are letters that will provide pastoral tools for growing in holiness as well as training and development of servant leaders to help God raise the next generation of CFC spiritual leaders.

These letters will include the monthly pastoral formation materials to include “suggested” themes or topics, teachings and discussion questions/s for servant leaders and members that may be used for Teaching Nights, General Assemblies and Household Meetings, theme-related Scripture readings and Catechism of the Church teachings, as well as songs and prayers to reinforce the teachings.

In line with our Evangelization Rally pastoral teaching theme – “Be a Saint”, the letter will also highlight a Saint of the month (Feast day is on the particular month), to inspire us with his/her faith and works, and to make us realize most of the saints live ordinary lives and go through the same daily life struggles like us, but with God’s grace and their immense love for God and their ardent desire to follow His perfect plan in their lives, they now live with the heavenly hosts in God’s eternal kingdom. As CFC, we are called to emulate their examples.

With the proliferation of anti-Christian values in the different forms of media (books, television, internet, movies, etc.), some Catholics either shut down the media (stop watching TV) or worse, just go with the current. The monthly letter will feature suggested TV shows, books, websites and other materials that will have a positive impact in our spiritual growth.

For those with iPhones, Smartphones and the like, the letter will suggest an App of the month (usually a Free app), that will allow us to use these devices to enrich our spiritual lives.

All these tools and our faithful use of these will all be in naught if we do not allow God to transform our hearts and apply what we have learned in our day to day lives. Thus, the letter will end with a suggested “Faith without Action is dead” practical application of the month.

One main requirement of this exercise is SILENCE.  Let us all faithfully spend some quiet time with our God every day in prayer to reflect on the teachings, the Scripture readings and Church teachings, the lives of the Saints, etc. to enable us to listen to His sweet, silent voice as we surrender ourselves to Him and say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. 

In the words of Blessed Teresa:

The fruit of silence is prayer.

The fruit of prayer is faith.

The fruit of faith is love.

The fruit of love is service.

The fruit of service is peace.

Let us all pray for one another, implore the intercession of our Blessed Mother and the Saints,  beseech the protection of St. Michael and our guardian angels, and ask for the grace to be obedient and faithful to our calling and covenant, to direct us in our path to personal holiness, and experience peace… peace that the world cannot give.

Yours in Christ,

Toffee Jeturian


Marian Consecration

February 18, 2014

Subject: 2014   CFCUSA – Marian Consecration (ROH#3)

Dear CFC Family:

To address one of the CFC USA National Council PFO-related Aims and Aspirations that all members undergo Marian Consecration, CFC USA members are strongly encouraged to purchase and use the self-retreat book “33 Days to Morning Glory” by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.

This is an extraordinary 33-day journey to Marian consecration with four giants of Marian spirituality: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Blessed Pope John Paul II.  Fr. Gaitley masterfully summarizes their teachings, making it easy to grasp, and simple enough to put into practice. More specifically, he weaves their thoughts into a user-friendly, do-it-yourself retreat that will be a blessing and life-changer for all CFC members. Fr. Gaitely wrote this book for one reason: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary (Marian consecration) truly is the surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect means to becoming a Saint, and this book is an easy and updated way to dive into such blessing.

The earliest recommended self-retreat start date for some CFC servant leaders and members who already have the book (Wave 1) is February 20 and will end on March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation. The next recommended start date (Wave 2)for CFC members and leaders who missed Wave 1 is April 10 and will end on May 13, the Feast of our Lady of Fatima (there are additional recommended start dates throughout the year).

The book can be ordered through CFC for $4 (shipping included if needed; same price with or without shipping).  The book retails at $15 at Catholic bookstores and $11.36 at Amazon.

Hurry and order while supplies last for Waves 1 and 2. To facilitate the process and create efficiencies and cost savings, only bulk orders made by the Regional Head for his entire membership will be accepted.  Regional Heads will email Bro. Ricky Coronel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know the number of book orders for his region and will mail the payments to:

Couples for Christ USA

315 Maple Avenue

Monrovia, CA 91016


Limited copies have already been forwarded to some of the National Council members for distribution.

Jesus came to the world through Mary and left Mary to be our Mother.

May our Blessed Mother intercede for us and bring us closer to her son.

Yours in Christ through Mary,

Toffee Jeturian

Pastoral Formation Officer